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The End of Summer 2022

Places Visited:
Omaha, NE
San Antonio, Tx
Austin, Tx
Deming, NM
Santa Fe, NM
Alexandria, LA

In August, we stayed in Omaha, Nebraska just a few blocks from where dad spent a few of his childhood years. We also made our first trip to an Aldi’s and bought an embarrassing amount of chocolate, because how can you turn down $2 chocolate bars?

Cute little historical street in Middle of Nowhwhere, Nebraska

From there we drove home and spent a week at home with the family. Michael thought we would have a nice, relaxing week off. Wrong! We would up on two cabling projects and running service calls all over San Antonio!

Cutest cabling partner ever

After that, we spent a week teaching at the University of Texas in Austin, and then drove out to Deming, New Mexico. I very rarely travel through El Paso but it really makes you understand just how BIG Texas really is. In Deming, we got an extra day with nothing to do we went out bowling. Michael, having grown up in the 90s, has a lot more bowling experience than I do!!

We spent our Labor Day weekend in Las Cruces, NM and visited the White Sands National Park together. The weather was in the low 90s, and the breeze off the mountains made it actually pretty nice to be in the middle of the desert.

Unearthly view

From the plains of southern New Mexico we traveled up into the mountains above Santa Fe for a week in the Jemez River valley, and then out across the flatlands of northern Texas to land in Louisiana. You wouldn’t believe it, but the mornings are cool now. Winter is definitely on its way.

Good view of the trains going by

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