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New Mexico to New Jersey

Mike and I finally did something “tourist-y”. We visited Carlsbad Caverns on our way out of New Mexico. I had been to the caverns twice before with my family, but this was Mike’s first time in a cave of any kind. It took about 2 hours to hike down the natural entrance and around the inside of the cave.

Inside the Big Room of Carlsbad Caverns

After we hiked the cave, we got back in the van and drove out to San Antonio.

We were lucky enough to be able to stay with the family and be with mom for her birthday. The family hadn’t seen Mike since the marriage in April, so it was a really nice treat for us to be with them for an entire week. Of course, the first thing we did on Monday morning was go out and work at Raising Cane’s!

We left San Antonio and drove up through Arkansas, heading toward Kentucky. We’ve spent a lot of time driving through Arkansas so it’s almost starting to feel like home.

You’ll never be as cool as him

We spent the week in Ft. Campbell, KY. Mike got to see fireworks for the first time in almost ten years. No pictures (because nobody wants to see your fireworks pictures), but it was lots of fun.

Thursday we packed up and drove toward New Jersey. We took a different route home, going up through West Virginia and Maryland instead of Virginia. This week we’ve worked in Brooklyn. It’s close enough to home that we’ve been driving in every day instead of staying in a hotel. The school here is on Coney Island, right along Sheepshead bay, so the views are excellent.

View from the Verrazano Bridge

This weekend we’ll pack up and drive in to Long Island for a three-day class, and then on to Tennessee.


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