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The Field Tech Life

Kerri Hammer

Ladder-carrier, screw-tightener, risk-taker

When the Wi-Fi isn’t working at Starbucks, who makes it work again? When that menu board a Taco Cabana is dead and you have to order nachos because you can’t see the fajita menu, who hangs up the new one you see the next time you come back? Who put up that security camera that wasn’t there when you came in yesterday?

I do.

I am one of the shadowy ladder-folk that patrol the borders of our technological society. We do the work that people didn’t know needed to be done in places that people didn’t know existed. We range across the city, the state, even the country, odd-jobbing it as we go, installing, fixing, or removing and then vanishing without a trace. We exist in that vague place between the future and the past. Yesterday is a fading memory. The future extends only to today’s tomorrow. We live only in the ever-changing now.

My father started down this trail almost two decades ago. When I was fifteen years old, I followed. This is the only job I’ve ever had, and there is no job I would rather do. Who else can start their morning standing atop the counter at a Hawaiian barbeque restaurant and end it sitting on the floor of a Commanding General of the US Army? I have toyed off and on over the years with the idea of establishing a record of my travels, so here it is. I hope you enjoy the Field Tech life as much as I do.


My hope for this project is to meet people and make friends, so please drop me a line and say hello!