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12-hr shifts are technically half-days.

Weekly Stats:
Tickets: 1
Miles: 439
Listening to: Moving Pictures – Terry Prarchett
Reading: The backs of my eyelids….

There are pros and cons to making 30 hours of overtime 5 weeks in a row. The pros, of course, include making enormous amounts of money in a very short period. The cons, on the other hand, are that you have no time to spend your money on anything and no energy to spend the money even if you had the time.

Yes, you worked til 9pm. But, at least you got to see the stadium lights

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, we successfully completed our main scope on time. We had a great team come in from New York, and their new energy and phenomenal depth of experience helped pull us out of the hole we’d been sinking ever more deeply into. In fact, they were so successful that the team we were supposed to hand off to got complacent and WE actually caught THEM flat-footed. So, in the end, no harm, no foul.

Since I posted last, I have lived through tropical storm Fred (which mainly consisted of 20 minutes of wind and rain and not much else) and I’m currently watching Ida roll by on her way to Louisiana. I have packed all my worldly goods into the car and moved residences three times. I’ve also come to an important, yet hither-to unconsidered conclusion about sinks. They should be BELOW the cabinets, not ON TOP.

Someone actually CHOSE to install this travesty in their master bedroom

Auburn is just about the quietest college town I’ve ever visited. The pedestrians are quiet and respectful. Rarely do you hear the tooth-rattling hum of the college boy’s tricked out car speakers. We even braved the Friday night dinner crowd and didn’t even have to look for parking. When there’s a restaurant that serves gourmet bacon in a Southern college town, you’d think there’d be a line around the corner.

First place I’ve ever seen try to make bacon *fancy*

We’re moving out of 12hr days and 7 day weeks and back to 8-4s. The riggers are really the only ones doing any really hard work. You occasionally have a glimpse of one of them hard at work 60ft above your head.

Spider-maAaAn, spider-man….

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