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I’m baaacckk!

Weekly Stats:
Tickets: 10
Miles: 591
Listening to: Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
Reading: Death and Life of Great American Cities – Jane Jacobs

Well, I’m finally back to the Texas Hills! The kid brother and I made the long drive from Auburn, Alabama on Sunday, September 12th. I rolled straight from there into a week of Certified Fiber Optic Technician training up in Cedar Park (far north Austin). But, I’m back in the saddle and in the thick of the action once again.

Does this mean I know what I’m doing now?

This week started with me and dad at a Care Now up in Austin. Tuesday I worked at an apartment complex and a payday loan place. Wednesday I battled two gigantic spiders to hang up a security camera at a pawn shop.

Thursday was the most exciting. I started in a Raising Canes, spent the afternoon in jail (The Hays County Jail, working on a commissary kiosk if you must know), then ended the day in the office of a cybersecurity defense contractor.

Never thought I’d end up here….

Friday was quiet, and Saturday started slow then ended in a bank in Fredericksburg, tearing out old equipment for three and a half hours.

Here are some more pictures of the week. My Auburn patch made it to my suitcase, I took my sister to get CPR certified, saw My Fair Lady at the Majestic Theater, and got to crawl through this attic!

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