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If I Never Touch My Jab-Saw Again…

Weekly Stats:
Tickets: 6
Miles: 333
Listening to: Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life – Jordan Peterson
Reading: Cold Hard Truth on Men, Women, and Money – Kevin O’Leary

Welcome to my secret world

We pulled more cable this week than we have since December of last year! If I never cut another low voltage ring into drywall, it will be too soon!

Monday and Tuesday we did a 33 cable drop/terminate/dress-out in a new office. We got to not only install our new wiring, but we had the pleasure (torment?) of pulling out three generations of old wiring, removing the dinky old face plates, and generally making things much more hospitable. The $200 in scrap from all that extra cable didn’t hurt either!

That was only PART of what was up there!
200lbs of cable, more that $1.00/lb

Wednesday I was reminded yet again that Austin is a LONG WAY AWAY! When you have a two-hour drive to Austin and a 7:00am ticket, you get a really good view of the sunrise. Today was a continuation of the project from last week; cabling and a TV install in a TJMaxx and a Marshalls. I did have a new experience; I’ve met no shortage of strange things in ceilings, but I’ve never had a broom fall out and hit me in the head before!

So THAT’S what my cable was stuck on! A…Broom?
There’s a REASON I shouldn’t be working in TJMaxx.

Thursday, the Kerry/i’s went to an almost-open surgical center to do some cable management and mount 19 phones onto walls in the OR suite. We’ve done so much work in surgical centers of varying ages and capacities, it was a really interesting experiences to see one in its nascent stage. I didn’t even have to have a floor plan to get around; most surgery centers are build of the same components.

It’s a long way to Austin, but a beautiful drive

Friday was a blessed day of rest…except for meetings, paper work, emails, phone calls, and music practice. But hey- at least I can do all that in my pajamas!

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