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Girls Don’t Wear Hardhats!

Weekly Stats:
Tickets: 3
Miles: 3,382
Listening to: Goals and Vision Mastery Collection
Reading: The Travels of Jaimie McPeeters – Herbert Lewis Taylor

Note to self: You really do have to be at the airport an hour before your flight.

A week of clothes and tools

Due to complicated and unforeseen circumstances, I didn’t actually get to the airport until 4:00pm. What time did my flight leave? 4:26pm. Long story short, they couldn’t check my bags, there were no later flights, and all my pockets knives were in my suitcase. Imagine my chagrin in the TSA line. Happily, mom was still close enough to run back inside and take my knives from me as TSA escorted me out of the secure area. Despite any deserved chastisement, I made it onto the flight with my suitcase, all my tools, and ten minutes to spare.

“I bet she’s tough”

Traveling with a hardhat is a pain. It doesn’t fit in my suitcase. I’ve got too much hanging off my belt and backpack anyway, so it goes on my head. During the boarding process in Dallas, a lesbian couple found themselves seated behind me and I overheard this conversation:
Butch: “I like how that guy is wearing a hard hat.”

Femme: “I think that’s a girl.”

Butch: “No way.”

Femme: “You can’t just assume it’s a man because they’re wearing a hard hat.”

Butch: “Oh, I would never say that.”

Wednesday through Saturday we spent at our apartment complex, trying with limited success to connect the Samsung smart appliances to the management cloud. It takes anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes per room, and at 53 rooms per floor in an 8 floor building, that doesn’t make for very quick progress. But, at least there are some sit-down restaurants open in California now! McDonald’s on the go, Chic-Fil-A in the car, and Panda Express in the hotel room gets old really fast.

Some notes: Modern architecture looks like Soviet prison blocks. I can’t wait to see how bleak and a worn-down this place looks in a decade.

Here’s a glimpse of the comm-room on one of the floors. This is part of the intermediate distribution frame for all the units on the fourth floor:

And I guess this is one way to deal with a dent in your hood.

So, my flight home left San Fran at 4:00pm PST, and without much trouble I arrived in Dallas at 8:45pm CST, with an hour to spare. I meandered to my gate, found a likely spot to sit, and waited to board at 9:30. My phone buzzed. The board changed. Now we’re boarding at 10:30. Half an hour later, we’re boarding at 10:50. Then 11:50. Then 12:30!! “Ladies and gentlemen, don’t worry. We WILL get you to San Antonio tonight.” The gate agent assured us.

At approximately 1:00am, the flight attendants arrived and were received with cheers and whistles. We lined up. We got out our boarding passes. We put our masks back on. “Ladies and gentlemen, I have bad news.” The gate agent shouted over the noise of the crowd. “Our cockpit crew timed out, our flight is cancelled, and all the hotels are full.”

Well, being too young to rent a car and too cheap to get a hotel room, I availed myself of the convenient, free, but not too clean floor and went right to sleep. Five hours later, coffee in hand, I took my rather surprising place in seat 1A, and went home. Of the three over-nighters that got off the front row together, my baggage was the only set that arrived in San Antonio with our flight. Mom picked me up and got me home with enough time to wash my hair before church started. I hate to gloat, but how lucky can a girl get?

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