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Is it legal to have this much fun at work?

Weekly Stats:
Tickets: 1
Miles: Basically none, except for a trip to Atlanta
Listening to: Dead Ringer – Louis L’Amour
Reading: The instructions in these fiber cable enclosures…

So, if you work an 80hr week and then a 60 hour week without a day off in between, is that a 140hr week?

Dad flew in Monday evening, so I drove the hour and a half to Atlanta to pick him up. I’ve been to the Atlanta airport in the middle of the night twice now and both times it has rained so hard I thought we had a hurricane blow in!

Look what the cat dragged in

With the Hammer Team up to full strength, we made some good progress this week. Most of the rack splicing is finished, leaving me with either 100s of splices to do all at once or nothing to do for entire days at a time.

You know you’re working with Yankees when…

Alabama is beginning to grow on me. Auburn is a quite town with pretty little neighborhoods almost buried under mountains of astonishingly green trees. I particularly like the red brick and white accents that are popular red dirt/pine tree country like Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina. The people here are friendly and unpretentious, and the gasoline is under $3/gal.

I mean, who NEEDS trees to be THIS tall?

The walk up is a bit arduous, but you can’t beat this view in the early morning:

The view from atop the jumbotron

Dad and I decided that, after working no less than 10 hours a day, 6 days in a row, we deserved a steak, so we went to “Big Mike’s Steakhouse”. We mentioned to the waitress that we were working at the football stadium and she said “Oh, we have lots of guys who are working there.” She agreed that they were all sweet guys. Dad and I are going to go back to work and tell them that the waitresses said they were loud and rude, just like typical Yankees (not really, but it would be funny.) Honestly, I haven’t had this much fun since Kids Camp when I was twelve. The best place to be is the only girl on an all-male crew.

Aww yeah

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