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Where Are You Working This Week, Super Girl?

Weekly Stats:
Tickets: 2
Miles: 3,432
Flights of Stairs: 10,92,281
Listening to: Little Women – Louisa May Alcott
Reading: The Life and Death of Great American Cities – Jane Jacobs

Kerri and Kerry got to start the week together, drilling holes in this cute Corgi’s walls. She did NOT like that at all.

Look at her. She’s so cute.

So then Tuesday I took off for the City By the Bay. I bought a week’s worth of neon safety-colored t-shirts (because cool people don’t wear collared polos on a construction site), but I thought I’d go low-profile through the airport. I had no idea how many people would comment on a Superman t-shirt.

After a record-breaking sprint through the Phoenix airport I made it safely to San Francisco once again. And man, let me tell you. When they talk about the weather in California, they are not exaggerating. You go from a “balmy 110 degrees” Phoenix to 68 with a breeze off the bay and it’s easy to see why people live in this crazy state. Then you see this:


Being alone the first day, I decided to try something unusual. Kaya Korean BBQ, conveniently located next to the hotel, was a cool experience (even though I didn’t get the BBQ). There was a bad moment when the waiter very kindly offered me a set of chopsticks, but that was all resolved when the rice bowl came with a spoon.

I was greeted by an old friend on the hotel bookshelf. It’s good to see St. Louis still putting in appearances.

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