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All I Do Is Drive, Drive Drive….

Weekly Stats:
Tickets: 8
Miles: 533
Listening to: The Shining Company – Rosemary Sutcliff
Reading: The Life and Death of Great American Cities – Jane Jacobs

This was my anthem this week:

Well, after a year of flying, my $30 suitcase finally gave up the ghost, so I broke down and found a new friend. Let me introduce you to my newest traveling buddy!

Look at him. He’s beautiful. ❤

This was the first week on the ground after three in the air, and it was CRAZY!

Tuesday I started in Wimberly at 8:00, worked three tickets from there through south San Antonio, then drove to JUNCTION. Honestly though, the hardest part was trying to concentrate past the cinnamon rolls they kept stacking up under my ladder.

How is a girl supposed to work in these conditions?

Dad was in town working for Monday and Tuesday, but he flew away to Salt Lake City on Wednesday and left me to hold the fort in town. Not to bad all told, but with an office move, multiple cable pulls, and 600 miles in the car, it was busy!

Girl, same

Very happy with my little office project:

And my new friend is all decked out and ready to go:

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