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Wait, is that supposed to be smoking?

Weekly Stats:
Tickets: 6
Miles: 2,581
Listening to: Andrea Vernon and the Superhero Industrial Complex – Alexander C. Kane
Reading: The Travels of Jaimie McPeeters – Herbert Lewis Taylor (It’s long, okay?)

I have officially learned my lesson. If the scope says “tech must have a soldering iron” DO NOT try to work the job before church. #yikes

So, after a hair-raising morning of working at a fast-food restaurant, burning my fingers with molten metal, and screaming into church just in time to sit down at the piano before service started, dad and I left for Tampa on Sunday. We arrived in the Tampa airport which is HUMONGEOUS around midnight and were at our AirBnB around 2ish. Overall, the experience was a significant improvement over the Ft. Lauderdale fiasco.

This week we did five clinic surveys, in Brandon, Port Charlotte, Fort Myers, Tampa, and Venice. Everything had gone really well until, during routine testing at the Tampa clinic… the phone system shorted out, started smoking, set off the fire alarm and, in very dramatic fashion, gave up the ghost.

This was somewhere in the neighborhood of a major emergency.

By some unexpected twist of fate however, there just happened to be a company IT guy driving around the neighborhood with a complete phone system in the back of his car. He came over to Tampa and by 9pm that night we had the clinic set up with a near-full capacity phone system and cablers lined up for the significantly sooner-than-expected upgrade. Talk about lucky.

Sorry Old Fella.

We got to have lunch right on the water in Punta Gorda. We ate at “The Captain’s Table”, located at the very end of Fisherman s Village Waterfront Mall. Lovely restaurant, good food, and a nice way to experience the beach without being smothered by the Florida air.

Cute little shop at Fisherman’s Village

We also decided that we need a private yacht.

I’m more of a mountains/deserts kind of girl, so Florida would not be my first (or second or third) choice of vacation place, but this week has been pretty enjoyable. It hasn’t rained as much in Tampa as it did in Ft. Lauderdale, and it hasn’t been too hot (only mid 90s). We can’t tell if it’s inflation or local economics that make the gas $3/gallon and the butter $6/lb, but we’re happy to be going to home to Texas (if only for a few days!)

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