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We have GOT to stop traveling like this

Weekly Stats:
Tickets: 3
Miles: 2,845
Listening to: Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill
Reading: The Travels of Jaimie McPeeters – Herbert Lewis Taylor (Still. It’s actually hilarious)

Back on in our favorite seats

Well, the dreaded Dallas Curse struck again. Big Kerry and Little Kerri left San Antonio at 6pm Sunday evening, arrived in Dallas, and changed planes in plenty of time. Then we sat in the closed airplane for THiRtY mINuTeS before they told us we had a maintenance issue. Another fifteen minutes later we taxied out to the runway, rolled up to the takeoff line…and sat there for another twenty minutes. The maintenance issue had returned. *duh duh duuuuh* So we trooped back to the gate and waited. And waited. And waited. Then the maintenance crew arrived and we….waited some more. The flight attendants warned us that, should we disembark, we would not be allowed back onto the flight and the next available flight to Fort. Lauderdale would not be for THREE DAYS! Ten minutes later, a solitary man rolled his suitcase down the aisle of shame and left the plane. Two minutes after that, we took off. Perhaps this is a lesson in endurance.

Time for a Florida Patch

We landed in Florida at 2:30AM, and due to the strange hours, short staff, and general wackiness, it was 4:00AM before we rolled away in our rental car and 5:00am before we got in bed. Luckily the clinic had asked us not to arrive on site until 1:00pm.

We arrived on site at 12:30pm and the lady asked us “What happened? We expected you early in the morning.”

-_- Go figure.

Rain, Rain, You’re Here to Stay

We spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in the Fort Lauderdale area and if anyone ever tells you that Florida is sunny, they’re lying to you. It rained BUCKETS all day, every day, for the entire time we were there. We didn’t see any alligators, but all the deep, swampy canals sure looked like the place for them.

The source of Florida Man’s power?

We did find where the locals eat. The Plantation Diner is a cute little strip-center diner where all the little old people show up at 6:00am and greet each other by name.


These clinics were pretty small and simple, but some of the phones were a little…challenging to locate.

Peak phone placement. I wouldn’t have changed a thing.
We technically DID see the beach

Having finished early on Wednesday, dad arranged our travel plans to leave a day early; Thursday instead of Friday. The flight change would cost $150 per person in Ft. Lauderdale, but only $25 per person out of Miami. GREAT! To drop the rental off in Miami instead of Ft. Lauderdale, however, would cost $500. #yikes.

So here’s the plan; Drop of the car in Ft. Lauderdale, wait around, take the 4:40pm Red Coach luxury business buss to Miami Airport, wait around, leave at 8:00pm, having done some work, eaten dinner, and generally lounged around all day.

The fastest trip through Miami ever

All that hinged on the bus actually arriving at 4:40pm. When the bus DID arrive at 5:30pm it was GOING TO ORLANDO. Ok, but the commuter train goes to Miami, so let’s take that! On to the shuttle we got, and made it to the station just in time to miss the 5:58 train to Miami. The next one left at 6:30. It’s a 90 minute train ride. Our flight was scheduled to take off at 8:00pm. I’m not generally known for my math skills, but that wasn’t going to work. So we got an Uber. Through Claude’s heroic action we arrived at MIA at 7:20pm, flung our suitcases at the baggage counter, ran through TSA, and went screaming through the terminal to squeeze into our seats as they closed the doors…

…..aaaaand then we sat at the gate for 45 minutes while “catering” restocked the aircraft.

Friday it was back into my little red car and back up the ladder. From fast food to a truck stop to a financial office, and back home to pack my suitcase back up to leave again.

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